The Mid-Autumn Festival is KINGLONG

The Mid-Autumn Festival is KINGLONG

KINGLONG Lighting 2015 Garden Tour Closed Successfully

In 2015, Qilang Lighting Tour ended smoothly, and more than 400 prizes were sent out. Everyone came home with a full load while enjoying the relaxation of the game.

Wang Liancai, assistant president, presided over the garden tour. Ten games were set up, which implied "perfect". In the activity, the amusing game of "live duck" attracted many people's eyes. Adults and children were full of enthusiasm for quacking ducks. Traditional riddles of lanterns were also one of the popular games. Everyone tried to fight for intelligence, and even more. Speed of fighting; the "better eyesight than who" game provided by the ancient town center is moderately difficult and has attracted a large number of participants; the "Coke Drinking Competition" provided by workshop 90 is also one of the highlights of this park activity, which is not only a game, but also a celebration of achievements and full of fun.

Prizes adopt the way of "lottery exchange". First, win lottery tickets through games, and then exchange different prizes with different numbers of lottery tickets. In the end, the winners of the first prize bicycle are Li Qin, QC Department, Shi Xiaohong, Tong Lei, Chen Mengyao, QC Department and Huang Shaojuan, Logistics Department. The fans of the first prize are Chen Qiaoyun, the QC department, Baishuhua, Li Chunmei, Qiu Cheng, Gaoyuan and Lai Yubin.

Strong Mid-Autumn Festival feeling, deep Qilang wish you a happy reunion in this beautiful holiday, happiness and well-being.