Together Qiandian Win-win Future

Together Qiandian Win-win Future

Qilang Lighting 2015 Intelligent Art Festival Closed Successfully

On August 22, Qilang Lighting held a grand art appreciation event in Xiaolan Holiday Crown Hotel in 2015. Mr. Yuan Shiqiang, Chairman of Zhongshan Qilang Lighting Factory Co., Ltd., Mr. Wei Weiming, General Manager of Guzhen International Lighting Center, Ms. Jane Ruihua, Financial Director of Qilang Lighting, Mr. Zhou Shiwen, Director of Domestic Marketing of Qilang Lighting, Ms. Zhang Zhunli, General Manager of Guzhen International Lighting Center, and others attended the conference. More than 400 distributors all over the country are working together to win-win the future.

Dare to drive the future first

At the press conference, Wei Weiming, general manager of Qilang Guzhen International Lighting Center, analyzed the decline of the whole environment and the dilemma faced by the whole industry in his speech. Fortunately, Qilang is OK and very good. Faced with the industry dilemma, Qilang has carried out reforms and upgrades in many aspects on the basis of consistently adhering to the combination of quality, service and word-of-mouth.

In terms of sales team management, we should promote the flat model. The four regional systems are divided into ten regional systems, which are under the direct jurisdiction of the headquarters. After-sales service should be fast, accurate and complete, shorten the feedback time after sales, and solve problems efficiently. Colleagues set up brand department to coordinate business contacts with distributors and adjust and optimize the price system of products at the terminal. In addition, it also launched the O2 O model to attack the e-commerce market and occupy the future.

Go upstream and make continuous progress

Qilang's Director of Domestic Marketing Zhou Shiwen pointed out in his speech that the market is growing against the market and moving forward steadily. In the overall environment of the industry in 2015, many lighting brands are facing the trend of closing down, but Qilang's stores are increasing. This is due to the sinking of our product line and the counter-market growth of Qilang Modern Lamp, which weakens the impact of the weak market demand on our overall impact.

High-end modern lighting is a blue sea, intelligent home will be the direction and future of our modern lighting to enhance the sense of value. The maturity of Qilangyi family products has once again promoted the decline of the brand to the strategic level. New channels and new opportunities, real O2 O should be win-win, both brand and channel. Focus on customers, customer rating support, the strongest marketing service team, work hand in hand with customers to go against the market, build the industry's strongest brand strength!

The Dancing Soul Sculpts the Light of Life

Zhang Xun, founder and design director of Shenzhen White Product Design Company, gave a new interpretation of the core of Qilang brand design. He uses pictures to interpret light. Every good lamp is a combination of shape, material, color, lighting, environment and human beings. The design gives light life and sculptures the light of life. Director Zhang also positioned the core of Qilang's design with three kinds of dances through the time axis and design axis: elegant ballet, modern dance with tension personality and lively jazz dance, such as dancing soul, giving life a sense of movement, integrating soul into dance, generating resonance from soul depth, and moving as spirit.

Intelligent fusion of artistic ideas decides the way out

As a special guest, Yang Mingjie, president of China Digital Liaison, shared with you the change of thinking in the new business model in the digital era, which determines the way out and the business model. Opportunities are everywhere in the digital age. We lack markets, products, resources and ideas. Traditional thinking mode is unilateral thinking mode, while Internet thinking mode is bilateral thinking mode. We should change from traditional product thinking mode to user thinking mode, solve their pain points for consumers, provide consumers with the best user experience, value-added products and services, be closer to consumers, and understand consumers. The real requirement for choosing lighting in stores is to have a home rather than just a lamp.

Licensing and Oxygen Dioxide Signing Ceremony

At this festival, Qilang Lighting was awarded to 12 AAA distributors. As the pioneer of Qilang's O2 O experience store, Zhou Lizhao, the distributor's representative, shared his ordinary wisdom with you. He said that he did not have a particularly strong point, just step by step into various channels, and fully tap the potential customer groups of various channels, while constantly optimizing internal management, pay attention to after-sales service, and finally achieved a breakthrough in quantity. As a distributor representative, he held a signing ceremony with Director Qilang Zhou Shiwen, which indicated that all distributors would work hand in hand with Qilang to formally enter the new consumption field of O2 O.

After lunch, the order in the International Lighting Center of Qilanggu Town will be more popular. Qilang Lighting specially prepared the "Pleasure Signing and Enjoyment" activities for this order. The first prize is Maldives Tour 5, the first prize is iwatch, the second prize is Philips LCD TV 55 inches, the third prize is 1000 yuan cash vouchers, and the fourth prize is Maldives Tour 5, the second prize is Philips LCD TV 55 inches, and the third prize is 1000 yuan cash vouchers. The first prize is 500 yuan cash voucher.

Qilang Group intelligently integrates art, leads a new wave of trends, undertakes the goal of Qiandian sailing, and further to the future!