Providing Household Map

Provide a clear flat house type map
(CAD or JPG format), we will build your house structure in VR platform at a ratio of 1:1;
Provide decoration style map

Provide your house decoration
style effect map or real scene
map, we will according to your
house decoration style VR scene
Provide the style chart of lamps and lanterns

Provide information about the
type or style of the lamp you want to buy. We will design professional whole-room lighting collocation
for you in the VR scene.
VR Solution Experience

After the completion of the project, you can experience the realistic
effect of VR lighting scheme in our offline experience center or send
the design effect map, panorama
and other case information to you by Wechat, so that you can live in
Customization process of VR house lighting
Qilang VR platform service is based on VR technology and design team to provide professional whole-room lighting design services for end-users. You only need to provide information according to the following process, we can arrange professional designers for you to design.
Qilang Star Series

Stars can be picked by hand without climbing a hundred feet

Every star in the quiet night is a love, from the interstellar to the heart, gently shining for you, always the same. VR customization, personalized to create your star blueprint. The intentional space of the extreme fusion of light and color is fully grasped.
Born for customization

First VR Full House Lighting Customization
KINGLONG Lighting Brings You to Experience the Perfect Lifelike Effect of Lighting Products Matching with Your Home Decoration Environment
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